the exhibit

Experience the realization and feeling that Everyone is Beautiful, and
that all our skin tones are related to each other and to our
Earth with our Art/Science Exhibit

The word KINDRED refers to “family relations” and this exhibit shows how the skin colors of each of us are related to all other Human colors, and to our Earth.

In this display you are invited to see and touch natural items that wear the same colors as
human skin tones: woods, rocks, nuts, grains, and seashells. You will match the browns, beiges, pinks, and golds in those objects to your own variety of skin tones: the back of your hand, your your inner arm, your palm, your fingernails.

YOU become part of the exhibit as you and all other viewers (often of a variety of ages, backgrounds, and heritages) are reflected in the mirrors around the natural objects.

Some of the rocks and seashells contain every human skin tone. Other seashells are identical in shape and size but different in surface colors, like Human Beings. And do you know why EVERY HUMAN BEING has pink finger nails and non-pigmented palms? Learn why from our CDs and book.

Viewers are encouraged to touch and handle the displayed items. The KINDRED COLORS exhibit is appropriate for schools, churches, conferences, work places, social activist gatherings, special events, and for people of all ages, backgrounds, and heritages.

The KINDRED COLORS Exhibit fits on two standard 30 X 72” conference tables, either end to end against a wall, or length to length in the middle of a room.

This exhibit is available in New England, and, beginning in Fall, 2005, in Oregon and Washington State.

We have a mini-Kindred Colors exhibit to show you as a preview. If you are interested, or would like a brochure or to see the mini-Kindred Colors exhibit, please contact us.