The PRODUCTS that we have produced for this Purpose, Effect, Hope, and Goal are a two-CD audio album and 84-page binder, both authored by Cynthia Price-Glynn of The American Truths Foundation, Inc. with valuable imput from the cast.

The CAST on the CDs and contributors to the binder in 2003 were students and staff at The Roland Hayes School of Music, a partner school in the Boston Public School System with The Madison Park Technical Vocational High School and the O’Bryant School of Mathematics and Science, all in Roxbury, Massachusetts.



The Audio-CDs and Binder are designed for individual or group listening and reading , and appropriate for ages 15 through 115.

Why an audio CD and not a Video? Because...

  • we want your eyes to be free to look at your skin as we describe its functions
  • with audio only, your mind’s eye is free to view memories or visual associations and imaginings you might have as you listen to our statements
  • if you listen with a group of people you can share your reactions
  • it is possible to listen to the CDs while you do something else like driving, walking, exercising, cooking, cleaning, etc.
  • and the CDs are tracked so you can listen in segments — stopping us when you have absorbed enough or have other things to do — and then returning to the CD when you are ready...we’ll we there waiting for your return.

We find this information about Skin and Beauty not only educational but entertaining. The outline of the CD tracks and the contents of the binder are designed to be segmented into Lesson Plans with assignments, discussion topics, research possibilities, and exams to serve the requirements and style of each teacher. Any and all of the materials in the binder can be photocopied for classroom use.


Primary Consultants

Dr. KAREN CLICKNER is a naturopath, a licensed herbal therapist, and a practitioner and teacher of myofascial therapy. She is the owner of Conscious Body Natural Medicine in Brookline MA and in Holden, MA.

Dr. MARTHA HOUSHOLDER is a dermatologist based in Wichita, Kansas. She has served on many medical missions throughout Asia and Africa.

IRIS ROSENSTEIN is a Veterinary Technician working in Boston, Massachusetts.

A Bibliography of the 27 books used in researching the biology of skin and the concept of beauty is printed in the “Everyone is Beautiful” book.



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