When we hear or read the word SKIN many of us first think COLOR.

But did you know that besides enclosing and protecting your insides, your skin is your largest, heaviest, most versatile, and most flexible organ – and that it interacts with almost every other part and function of your body?

Also – under our skins all Human Beings are the SAME colors: we all have white bones, brown livers, pink tongues, and we bleed red, AND we all have pink fingernails and toenails, plus unpigmented palms and soles (the reasons are explained in our CD recording and book).

WHY we have different surface skin colors is the amazing ability of our ancient ancestors to live in the large variety of geographic locations all over this World.

We LABEL each other black, yellow, red, and white – but who do you know that is black like an eagle, yellow like a canary, red like a cardinal, or white like a dove?

NO — ALL human skin colors, no matter where our ancestors lived in this World, are EARTH TONES — various hues of brown, beige, gold, and pink — colors found in the woods, rocks, nuts, grains, and sea shells with whom we share this World.

The PURPOSE of this project is to enable you to understand and appreciate your skin from aesthetic and biological perspectives. This is in contrast to the social political, and judgmental perspectives of skin (especially skin colors) that are contrived and have been proven unjustifiable.

The EFFECT of this exhibit is to bring the usually awkward topic of Skin Color into-the-open within an atmosphere of respect and healthy curiosity, and to enable settings and situations in which we all learn about Human Skin in general and about the particularities of our own individual skins. This scientific information can defuse and debunk skin-color stereotypes, replacing them with knowledge that is not only awesome but that helps us recognize our similarities and respect our differences.

Our HOPE is that this perspective on skin will

  • make you aware of the importance of your skin to your individual health and well-being
  • help you appreciate and admire the amazingly beautiful varieties of human skin color
  • and foster more personal pride and mutual respect among all of us Earth-Toned Human Beings.

Our GOAL is to relieve us of the social and political misconceptions about Skin Color that, even though they are proven false and unjustifiable, cause many problems in this World. Can a biological understanding and aesthetic appreciation of each other draw us toward the mutual respect and positive camaraderie that is needed for peace, harmony, and well-being within-each-of -us and among-all-of-us sharing this World ?