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Part One

Experiencing Beauty — What is Beautiful and Why
(total time: 36 minutes, 20 seconds)

CD-one, Track #1: Introduction to “What is Beautiful and Why”
This is an explanation of the cast’s exploration of experiencing Beauty. We concluded that Beauty is that which attracts and keeps our attention because it is pleasing to see or hear or smell or taste or feel or think about. This sensual experience often relaxes or stuns the body, and makes the mind pause. We compare experiencing Beauty to a reflex - like when you spontaneously laugh or cry. Furthermore, intentionally taking the time and effort to notice Beauty in the World and in other people can lead to being alert to its frequency in our lives – and to an outlook and attitude that can make living very interesting, pleasant, and meaningful.

audio clip #A
Introduction to Beauty with Ardens and Waverly
2.19 minutes

CD-one, Tracks #2-15 feature the cast reading their own essays and poems in response to their individual explorations and experiences of “What is Beautiful and Why”

audio clip #B
Sound-bites of the cast's essays on beauty.
9.40 minutes


Part Two
Understanding & Appreciating Your Skin — its Functions, Importance, & Color

(total time: 121 minutes, 24 seconds)

CD-one, Track #16: Introduction of Cast and Topics
17 The unique Human Species — our Common Characteristics (standing and walking, posture, arms and hands, vocalization, behaviors)
18 General Characteristics of Human Skin (layers, thin and thick places, resilience, furrows)
19 Appendages to Your Skin – Nails...
20 and Hair

Body Functions Performed by Your Skin:
Regulation of Body Temperature
2 Sweating
3 A Partner to your Immune System (oil glands, beneficial bacteria, warrior cells, lymphatic system)
4 Diagnosis of Internal Health from the Skin
5 The Sensation of Touch (nervous-system connection, reflexes — voluntary and involuntary responses, tactile intelligence, temperature, pressure, pain, pleasure, the hormone Oxytocin)

Differences in Our Skins:
6 Geographical explanation
7 Our Need and Varying Capacities for Sunlight (pineal gland, vitamin D)
8 The Spectrum of Human Skin Colors (melanin, hemoglobin, carotene)
9 Sun Tanning — Function and History (skin cancer epidemics)
10 Ageing, Why and How Your Skin Changes (wrinkles, texture, coloration, prevention)
11 Historical Migration of Humans (reasons, consequences, adaptability, blending)

12 Reality Today (each of us is unique, pride in your personal unique beauty and appreciation for everyone else’s unique beauty)

audio clip #C
Brief overview of Part Two:
The Biology of Your Skin
6.29 minutes



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