• what it does besides contain your insides?
  • how it interacts with the rest of your body as well as your feelings and psyche?
  • why you are the color you are?
  • why everyone’s finger nails are the same color?

We boldly assert that learning the answers to those questions (and many more) will amaze you and profoundly influence your self-concept as well as your perception of other people.

Under our skins all of us Human Beings are the same colors: we have white bones, pink tongues, brown livers, and we bleed red. Why we have different colors on the surfaces of our bodies is the amazing ability of our ancestors to live in the large variety of geographies all over this Earth.

But those skin colors are NOT the often-cited categories of Yellow (like canaries?) or Black (like eagles?) or White (like doves?) or Red (like cardinals?).
No – all our skins, no matter where our ancestors lived, are in the group of colors called Earth Tones – a large variety of browns from very intense to very pale, with undertones of gold and pink and blue. These are beautiful hues that also occur in many of the woods, rocks, nuts, grains, and sea shells with whom we share this Earth.

That makes us all related – to each other and to this Earth we share.

This is a phenomenon we call Kindred Colors.

— with our inter-active exhibit that includes not only Earth Toned natural objects but also mirrors that reflect how you and the other viewers are color-connected – to each other and to the objects that you can handle in the Exhibit.

But this KindredCOLORS exhibit is just a Prelude – a Warm-Up Act to our explanation of the Biology of Human Skin – its amazing functions, vital importance, and its variety of colors even on your own body.

To share this scientific explanation we compiled a binder and recorded a 2CD audio album so YOU can read and hear what we learned, and perhaps reach the same conclusion we did — that viewed from a biological perspective every person’s skin is awesome and (we agreed) beautiful!!

So “EVERYONE is BEAUTIFUL” became the title of our biological explanation – but that meant we had to explore the concept of beauty.

First, we ‘discarded’ concepts that are contrived for commercial motives, which are usually very unnatural, and often oppressive. This exploration was so profound and such fun we decided to BEGIN the Book and CDs with our individually-authored essays and poems describing our observations-of and experiences-with beauty.


– students and staff at the Roland Hayes School of Music, a Boston public high school that partners with The Madison Park Technical Vocational High School and The O'Bryant School of Mathematics and Science, all in Roxbury, Massachusetts.

WHAT are our book and CD album called ?

Part ONE:
Experiencing Beauty – What is Beautiful and Why?

Part TWO:
Understanding and Appreciating Your Skin - its Functions, Importance, and Color.


The result we gained from examining these topics was the ability to discuss the awkward topic of Skin Color in depth with honesty and a healthy curiosity.
This led to increased respect-for and appreciation-of our individual selves and each other. We could recognize and see-beyond assumptions about people’s skin color that have been contrived and inflamed to create and further political, economic, and social agendas – all over the world.

  • We know that negative stereotypes of “race” and “beauty” are unjustifiable, trivial, and limiting.
  • We know that good and bad people come in every color, as do smart and dumb people.
  • We know that pride in your color and ancestry can lead to confidence and empowerment, as well as the enjoyment of our commonalities, our diversities, and our collectivity.


We invite you to tour this website to learn how you too can obtain the knowledge, and then awareness & pleasure that EVERYONE is BEAUTIFUL and that we are all related to each other and to the Earth we share because we are all KindredCOLORS.



Our ambition is to inspire and enable real and lasting personal-pride-in and mutual-respect-among people. Our procedure is to recognize barriers to that pride and respect, and then devise materials, events, and processes that use science and artful-interactions as tools to bring people together in a positive and comfortable atmosphere conducive to sharing-with and caring-for each other.


™This EisB logo is a shortened version of our declaration that Everyone is Beautiful